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Best 46 inch Plasma TV Displays

For those looking to buy a 46″ plasma TV, we have compiled a top of best plasma TVs in this size class. Recommended for shorter viewing distances or if you want a top quality TV for a smaller price, the 46 inch plasma TVs listed here are going to give you the best quality. The order in which these models are listed is based primarily on picture quality, price playing a less important role.

Panasonic TC-P46G10 46 inch Plasma TV

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Panasonic TC-P46G10 – Best Plasma TV (46 inch, 1080p)

The best 46 inch Plasma TV of this year is Panasonic TC-P46G10. If your budget allows you to buy it, the TC-P46G10 will most certainly amaze you. Its picture quality is simply exceptional, the result of best-in-class black levels and perfectly accurate colors. The shadow detail and the deep black levels make the images look alive. On top of that, the superb color accuracy that is a direct result of its THX mode give this 46” plasma TV the recepie for an amazing visual experience. If that is not enough, you also get the most complete feature set you can find on a plasma TV in this size class. This Panasonic plasma TV is so good, that the only downside we can find to it is the relativelly high price.

Panasonic TC-P46S1 46 inch Plasma TV

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Panasonic TC-P46S1 – Best Value for Money (46 inch, 1080p)

Offering the best bag for the buck, Panasonic TC-P46S1 is one of those HDTV models that have a lot to offer for their price. You get a similar visual experience as on the above model, but at the same time you pay less. Though its black levels are comparable to those of TC-P46G10, it does lack THX mode. Altough the out-of-the box color accuracy is good, calibration is required to get the best of this TV. The feature set is another area where TC-P46S1 falls behind its more expensive brother in the G10 series. However, as long as you don’t really need any fancy features, it has everything you need for an exceptional experience. In the end, you get a great TV for a great price.

Panasonic TC-P46U1 46 inch Plasma TV

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Panasonic TC-P46U1 – Cheap Plasma TV (46 inch, 1080p)

Panasonic TC-P46U1 is not anywhere close to the above models. It is a budget 46” plasma TV and that means the picture quality is not comparable with that found on high-end models as TC-P46S1 or TC-P46G10. The black levels, as well as the color accuracy, are less impressive. The number of features is nothing to write home aout, either. However, the price of TC-P46U1 is more than affordable. If you don’t have great demands from your plasma TV and you can live with less than perfect picture quality, this 46 inch HDTV will prove to be an investment that will not put a hole in your pocket.

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