58″ Plasma TV

Best 58 inch plasma TV displays

The 58″ plasma TV models are great if you want a large screen flat-panel. Recommended for those with a large room, these plasma TVs will give you a great visual experience. The following list contains models ordered primarily by picture quality, price playing a secondary role when rating them.

Samsung PN58B860 58 inch Plasma TV

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Samsung PN58B860 – Best High-End Plasma TV

A step-up version of PN58B650, this 58 inch plasma TV comes with the same superb picture quality as its slightly cheaper brother, however it is packed inside a very nice slim body. The narrow depth of the set is its main characteristic and if you are into slim HDTVs, you should expect to pay a premium for the aesthetics. Just as PN58B650, the black levels are very good, the best of Samsung so far. Color accuracy is fantastic, this TV outperforming most other HDTVs out there, including the exceptional Panasonic TC-P58V10. On the feature front, it has plenty of things to offer, managing to surpass the TC-P58V10.

Samsung PN58B650 58 inch Plasma TV

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Samsung PN58B650 – Best Value for Money

Samsung PN58B650 is a TV that offers great value for its money. The set offers a superb balance between quality and price, without any sacrifice in the black levels and color accuracy department. It is extremely similar to Samsung PN58B860, the main difference between them being the thicker body in the case of PN58B650. The picture quality however, is just as good. The black levels are superb, Samsung bringing visible improvements over last year’s models. The colors are fantastic as well, this 58” plasma TV outperforming most if not all HDTVs in this area. When it comes to features, PN58B650 can easily compete with any high-end HDTV out there, Internet connectivity and all the fancy features being part of this fantastic TV.

Samsung PN58B550 58 inch Plasma TV

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Samsung PN58B550 – Good Quality and Value

If you have a tighter budget and you can live without the absolute best picture quality and the fancy features present in top-of-the-line models, this 58 inch plasma TV is the obvious choice. Samsung PN58B550 sacrifices many features in order to be more affordable. Features like Internet @ TV and DLNA are not available on this model and the picture quality is slightly less impressive compared to the models above. It is however a very good HDTV and it has an unbeatable price for what it has to offer.

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