60″ Plasma TV

Best 60, 63, 65 inch Large Screen Plasma TV Displays

If you want a really large HDTV, the 60, 63 and 65 inch plasma TV models listed on this page are the best. The models are ordered by performance, price being a secondary factor when ranking them. They are not all of the same size, as each manufacturer has a different size for their largest models – Pioneer models are 60″, Samsung plasma TVs are 63″ and Panasonic has the largest plasma TVs measuring 65″.

Pioneer Elite PRO-151FD 60 inch Plasma TV

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Pioneer Elite PRO-151FD – 60 inch – Best Quality (discontinued)

Not the largest but the best. If you want a large screen and exceptional picture quality at the same time, Pioneer Kuro Elite PRO-151FD is your best choice. This TV offers unparalleled quality, its black levels being recognized as the deepest of any plasma TV. Considering the 60 inch size and the phenomenal quality, you should expect to pay a lot for it.

Pioneer Kuro PDP-6020FD 60 inch Plasma TV

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Pioneer Kuro PDP-6020FD – 60 inch – Great Quality (discontinued)

For those who can’t afford the Pioneer Kuro Elite, the 60 inch “regular” PDP-6020FD will offer the same deep levels but slightly inaccurate colors. Now, this “inaccurate colors” issue will probably bother only the most picky people, as PDP 6020FD offers and exceptional overall picture quality that no plasma TV, other than the more expensive Pioneer Elite, can match.

Samsung PN63B590 63 inch Plasma TV

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Samsung PN63B590 – 63 inch – Larger, Very Good Quality

Samsung PN63B590 is another large plasma TV that you should consider. Though it doesn’t match the black levels of Panasonic TC-P65V10, this Samsung plasma TV brings a visible improvement compared to last year’s Samsung plasma TVs. Colors are beautiful, Samsung generally having an advantage across the board in the color accuracy department, when compared to other HDTV brands. Being a model from series 5, it has no fancy features like Internet connectivity. However, it does come with 1080p/24 Cinema Smooth mode for those that like it.

Samsung PN63B550 63 inch Plasma TV

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Samsung PN63B550 – 63 inch – Larger, Very Good Quality

Samsung PN63B550 is another plasma TV from series 5. That means it is very similar both in terms of features and performance with PN63B690. It benefits from the same improved black levels and beautiful colors. Just as its slightly more expensive brother, it has no exotic features as Internet connectivity and widgets. It also lacks support for 1080p/24 Cinema Smooth mode and has an older version of the screen filter.