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This top is outdated and kept only as an archive record on site. It is possible that some if not all of the models in this top have been discontinued and are no longer available on the market. If you wish to buy a plasma TV, please consult the current top of best plasma TV models available on homepage.

This is an archive of best 46 inch plasma TV models from 2008. This top is outdated and kept only as an archive. The models present in this top are probably discontinued. The models listed here are Panasonic TH-46PZ850U, TH-46PZ800U, TH-46PZ80U, TH-46PZ85U. You might be more interested in consulting the current 46″ Plasma TV models.

Models listed here are the plasma TVs that have been selected as the best in our 2008 top. The models included here are Panasonic TH-58PZ850U, TH-58PZ800U and Samsung PN58A650. This is an archive and if you are interested in buying a TV this is not the post to read. If you want to see the present plasma TVs in this size class, you should check out the 58″ Plasma TV models.

An archive of best 42 inch plasma TV models from 2008. This is an outdated top kept only as an archive. The models present in this top may be discontinued and unavailable on the market. The models listed in this page are all Panasonic models: TH-42PZ800U, TH-42PZ85U, TH-42PZ80U, TH-42PX80U. If you are interested in buying, please consult the current 42″ Plasma TV models.

The models listed in here are Pioneer Elite PRO-151FD, Pioneer Kuro PDP-6020FD, Panasonic TH-65PZ850U and Samsung PN63A650. You should see the current 60″, 63″ and 65″ Plasma TV models instead, as this page is just an archive of the old models.

This post is a depiction of the best 50 inch plasma TV models from 2008. These are not the present best 50 inch models. The actual models present in this top are Pioneer Elite PRO-111FD and Kuro PDP-5020FD, Panasonic TH-50PZ850U, TH-50PZ800U, TH-50PZ80U, TH-50PX80U and Samsung PN50A650. Unless you are curious which models have been best in 2008, you are probably more interested in the current 50″ Plasma TV models.

Not big surprises this year. As I was expecting Pioneer and Panasonic maintained their positions as leaders. Samsung seems to bring improved models, though they are not a threat for the previously mentioned manufacturers. The best plasma TV models of this year are represented by Pioneer Elite. They are our top pick since they offer absolutely fantastic picture quality and a full array of features. The “regular” Pioneer Kuro models from this year come next. With some slight issues but still at the top. Panasonic top of the line models come as a threat to Pioneer Kuro line this year. The difference between them and the Kuros being a small one. Panasonic also brings us some of the best cheap(er) plasma TVs. Samsung, though with a dissapointing anti-glare performance is also worthy of your attention. It doesn’t match Pioneer and Panasonic picture quality but it compensates with a bunch of features. Come and find out more!

These are the top rated plasma TVs on the market. Since plasma TVs come in various sizes it woudn’t be fair to pick one single model as the best plasma tv. Instead we tell you which are the best plasma TVs for various sizes and resolutions (1080p or 720p) since these are the most important factors that affect your buying decision and are also closelly related to the price. As a rule of thumb each category will contain models of the same manufacturer, each model being the representative of a size and resolution.

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