Hiring a Calibration Technician

If you want to get the best possible picture quality from your plasma TV, hiring a calibration technician is the way to go. It will cost you more than buying a calibration DVD, but you know that your plasma TV is perfectly tuned up.

Where to Find a Calibration Technician

You want to find somebody who offers calibration services in your area. Best way to find one is to go here, enter the details and search in their database for ISF-trained technicians. Pretty easy!

How Much Does It Costs

It depends on the person you hire to calibrate your plasma TV. There is not a standard price for this kind of services. As a rough educated guess, I would say it costs about $300 – $400. Best thing is to find a certified installer and find out directly from him exactly how much it will cost you.

Does It Worth the Money?

Depends how much you like your plasma TV or how much you like it after you calibrate it yourself. They are people who don’t even calibrate it and are very happy with it, while others really want to know they are getting the best from it. There are many people who used the services of professional technicians and ware very satisfied by the results – they are visible results. One phrase from ISF site sums it up pretty well. They have the photo of a calibration DVD and near it is written:

This simple $29.95 DVD will definitely improve your HDTV.
Try it – then imagine what a trained professional with $10,000 of test equipment can do!


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3 thoughts on “Hiring a Calibration Technician

  1. Naury Jaquez

    i have a Pioneer Elite Kuro 151fd plasma and would like to have calibrated. i live in westchester county, please refer me to someone who is able to calibrate these tv’s.

    Thank you

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