Panasonic TC-P42C2 Review

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Panasonic TC-P42C2 is a great option when you are looking for a certain product. It has only 720p resolution, but this may not be such a huge hindrance for you, since this 42 inch plasma TV does not really need more resolution points, seeing that the screen size is quite on the small side. There are other things about Panasonic TC-P42C2 that makes it an interesting product. While Panasonic TC-P42U2 has 1080p resolution, Panasonic TC-P42C2 may be considered better, despite the lower resolution sported, and that is because of the presence of the NeoPDP panel, which also contributes to improving image quality, besides saving some energy. Panasonic TC-P42C2 is not the greatest product that the manufacturer thought of this year, but it is a great opportunity to buy a 2010 HDTV with better image quality than last year’s models.


  • Decent blacks
  • Affordable price
  • Not so bad connectivity for the price


  • Unimpressive design
  • Subpar standard definition performance
  • Inferior 1080p/24 performance


One cannot expect too many features from a Panasonic plasma TV that costs as little as Panasonic TC-P42C2. While it may not have the best features around, it may have just the right amount you need from a non-frills product. VieraCast is not featured, nor wireless capabilities. Also, you should not expect this 42 inch plasma TV to be a 3D TV. Counting the eggs in this product’s basket, we need to mention the presence of the Viera Image Viewer feature, that allows easy playback of images from an SD card, and the Viera Link feature, that is really useful when you want to connect other devices with your HDTV. Do not neglect to notice that the NeoPDP panel is present, and that the 600Hz Sub-field drive is also employed to reduce blur from images rendered at high speeds.


Connectivity options for this Panasonic plasma TV are quite bare bones, but, considering that you do not have to spend a lot of money to afford this model, you may consider them to be quite the things you need. It only has two HDMI ports, which is one HDMI port less than the three seen on Panasonic TC-P42U2. There is no Ethernet jack to connect to the Internet, and no PC port, which means that you do not have the means to connect your TV with your computer. There are no USB ports present, either.

Picture quality

Picture quality is the most important aspect to concern you when you want to buy a new HDTV. You will be surprised to discover that image performance is quite good on this 42 inch plasma TV with only 720p resolution. If you do not like to count the pixels on the screen, you will get the chance to enjoy the deep blacks and the crisp colors this model sports. Which may come as a disappointment, though, is the fact that standard definition does not look the best, and you may want to consider buying a cheap Samsung model instead, if you buy your TV to watch regular content on it. The anti-reflective screen is quite good, on the other side, which means you can still watch your favorite shows, even if the room is well lit.


In case you are not among the people to care about 3D capabilities, wireless options, and superior resolution, you may have just found the best plasma TV to suit your taste. Panasonic TC-P42C2 is great for people looking for a non-frills plasma TV that will offer hours of pleasant pastime in front of the screen. Image quality is quite good for the price, and this may be just the right argument to convince you of this product’s performance.

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